Friday, December 16, 2016

New Glen Moray Elgin Heritage Collection

imageGlen Moray proudly presents its prestigious Elgin Heritage Range with three stunning Single Malts that encapsulate affordable luxury: the elegant 12 year old, the satisfying 15 year old and the decadent 18-year-old. Carefully matured in the finest American oak casks, the 12 and 18 year olds marry rich summer fruits with mellow vanilla sweetness. Every sip is one to savour. Adding diversity to the range, the 15 year old brings together two distinct cask styles - sherry and American oak - under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller. The result is an exquisitely complex whisky with a hint of spice that boasts heady dried fruits and rich dark chocolate. Choose your own Glen Moray indulgence and let it whisk you off on a nostalgic journey. Unmistakably Glen Moray, impeccably Speyside.


Fabulously full-bodied yet affordable and accessible, Glen Moray's Elgin Heritage Collection offers a new insight to the evolution of our exquisite Single Malts.

Master Distiller Graham Coull says: “Glen Moray's Elgin Heritage Collection has been carefully matured to create a smooth, sweet character combined with subtle oak flavours. Our unique Speyside climate gently influences these whiskies to produce a well-rounded character and complex finish.”

Brand Manager Raphaele Delerue says: “With our Elgin Heritage Collection, we aim to create an accessible slice of luxury that doesn't need to be saved for special occasions - it's there to be savoured and enjoyed. Our whisky encompasses nearly 120 years of expertise honed at our distillery in the heart of Speyside where there's an immense pride in the integrity of the brand.”


Color: Polished gold.
Nose: Rich, sweet, fruity and floral. Decadent vanilla toffee combines perfectly with juicy berry fruits and aromatic freshly-cut herbs.
Taste: Aged in the finest American oak, warming hints of toastiness make way to sumptuous summer fruits that burst in a sheer explosion of flavour. Wonderfully balanced with a smooth and mellow sweetness.
Finish: Sweet with a subtle oak finish.

Color: Copper.
Nose: Sherried oak flickers around butter toffee with a warm, delicate smoke.
Taste: Full-bodied and indulgently sweet characteristics are created by bringing together sherry-matured and American oak-matured Glen Moray. Imagine a spiced dark chocolate enjoyed with a finely oaked wine by a roaring log fire - intense and satisfying.
Finish: Long and rich with the spice intensifying as the sweetness fades.

18- year-old
Color: Autumn gold.
Nose: Toasted oak gives a hearty background to deep notes of treacle toffee and caramelised autumn fruits.

Taste: Nature takes its course in the finest ex-bourbon casks to produce flavours of spiced baked apple. The fruit dances across the tongue with a welcome sweetness reminiscent of vanilla smoked raisins. Rich, smooth and incredibly satisfying.
Finish: Mellow and long. Once savoured it will never be forgotten.


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