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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Damnation Alley Distillery - Mistletoe (MA-Only)


Monday, December 26, 2016

Whistling Hare - Blue Corn Bourbon Whiskey


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Willett - 80th Anniversary Release


Monday, December 19, 2016

Boot Hill Distillery - White Whiskey


Friday, December 16, 2016

Koval - Whiskey Jubilee Cask No 914


New Glen Moray Elgin Heritage Collection

imageGlen Moray proudly presents its prestigious Elgin Heritage Range with three stunning Single Malts that encapsulate affordable luxury: the elegant 12 year old, the satisfying 15 year old and the decadent 18-year-old. Carefully matured in the finest American oak casks, the 12 and 18 year olds marry rich summer fruits with mellow vanilla sweetness. Every sip is one to savour. Adding diversity to the range, the 15 year old brings together two distinct cask styles - sherry and American oak - under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller. The result is an exquisitely complex whisky with a hint of spice that boasts heady dried fruits and rich dark chocolate. Choose your own Glen Moray indulgence and let it whisk you off on a nostalgic journey. Unmistakably Glen Moray, impeccably Speyside.


Fabulously full-bodied yet affordable and accessible, Glen Moray's Elgin Heritage Collection offers a new insight to the evolution of our exquisite Single Malts.

Master Distiller Graham Coull says: “Glen Moray's Elgin Heritage Collection has been carefully matured to create a smooth, sweet character combined with subtle oak flavours. Our unique Speyside climate gently influences these whiskies to produce a well-rounded character and complex finish.”

Brand Manager Raphaele Delerue says: “With our Elgin Heritage Collection, we aim to create an accessible slice of luxury that doesn't need to be saved for special occasions - it's there to be savoured and enjoyed. Our whisky encompasses nearly 120 years of expertise honed at our distillery in the heart of Speyside where there's an immense pride in the integrity of the brand.”


Color: Polished gold.
Nose: Rich, sweet, fruity and floral. Decadent vanilla toffee combines perfectly with juicy berry fruits and aromatic freshly-cut herbs.
Taste: Aged in the finest American oak, warming hints of toastiness make way to sumptuous summer fruits that burst in a sheer explosion of flavour. Wonderfully balanced with a smooth and mellow sweetness.
Finish: Sweet with a subtle oak finish.

Color: Copper.
Nose: Sherried oak flickers around butter toffee with a warm, delicate smoke.
Taste: Full-bodied and indulgently sweet characteristics are created by bringing together sherry-matured and American oak-matured Glen Moray. Imagine a spiced dark chocolate enjoyed with a finely oaked wine by a roaring log fire - intense and satisfying.
Finish: Long and rich with the spice intensifying as the sweetness fades.

18- year-old
Color: Autumn gold.
Nose: Toasted oak gives a hearty background to deep notes of treacle toffee and caramelised autumn fruits.

Taste: Nature takes its course in the finest ex-bourbon casks to produce flavours of spiced baked apple. The fruit dances across the tongue with a welcome sweetness reminiscent of vanilla smoked raisins. Rich, smooth and incredibly satisfying.
Finish: Mellow and long. Once savoured it will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Glenfarclas - The Family Casks


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jameson The Deconstructed Series


Designed by: Pond Design

Monday, December 12, 2016

J. Henry & Sons - Patton Road Reserve


Hopworks Urban Brewery Releasing Brewer’s Whiskey Dec 17th


We're releasing 100 bottles of our HUB Brewer's Whiskey on Dec. 17th from 11am - 3pm! Until now, our whiskey has only been available by the glass at our pubs. 100 bottles are going to go fast so make sure to come in early. You'll have the opportunity to buy two bottles per person at $40/bottle. New Deal Distillery, who worked closely with us on the whiskey, will also have a variety of their bottles for sale.

We'll also have special packages for sale that include HUB whiskey glassware, and holiday gift card deals. If you’re looking for some unique holiday gifts, we definitely have some fun offerings for you.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mix 1 Life Begins Shipments of Jim Beam Snack Products to the Speedway Convenience Store Chain

imageSCOTTSDALE, AZ-  Mix 1 Life, Inc. announced that it has begun shipping Jim Beam snack products to the nearly 2,700 Speedway Convenience Store locations in 22 states.

Speedway Convenience Stores, a division of Marathon Petroleum Corp. is ranked as the third largest Convenience store chain in the U.S. (includes company owned and franchise owned stores) behind 7-Eleven and Circle-K. Convenience Store News lists Speedway as one of the fastest growing convenience store chains in America which will now be stocking the Company's products in all of their stores.

Jerry Dellaportas, CEO of Mix 1 Life said, "We are honored to partner with Speedway because of their growth and expanding reach across over 22 states and we look forward to the support and placement which they agreed to provide for our products inside their stores."

"We have shipped our first orders to Speedway and are excited about our expected $6 Million financial revenue forecast in our convenience store channel in 2017," stated Steve Staehr the Company's CFO. "While the Company's existing brands, "No Fear" and "Mix 1" are strong brands for us, we are excited about our newer stronger brands such as Jim Beam®, Sauza Tequila®, Canadian Club® and others that we acquired access to through our recently completed BrandMark Products Inc. acquisition."

The Company plans to position its efforts primarily around the snack brands acquired through the BrandMark acquisition. According to Nielsen. our primary market which is North America, makes up the majority of worldwide snack sales consuming more than $124 billion in snacks each year. More than three-quarters of respondents to a Nielsen's survey: (76%) eat snacks often or sometimes to satisfy their hunger between meals or to satisfy a craving, and 45% of respondents consume snacks as a meal alternative -- 52% for breakfast, 43% for lunch and 40%. The Nielsen Global Survey of Snacking polled more than 30,000 consumers in 60 countries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Old Home Distillers - Brother’s CUt Bourbon


Monday, December 5, 2016

Andalusia Whiskey - Stryker Smoked Single Malt


The Macallan Reveals Edition No. 2

The Macallan Edition No. 2

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2016 - The Macallan, the world's ultimate luxury single malt Scotch whisky, unveils Edition No. 2, a collaboration between Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno and co-foun

ders of El Celler de Can Roca - twice voted best restaurant in the world - Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca. The second release in the Edition Series, a growing collection of Macallan whiskies that explore unique and distinctive casks, The Macallan Edition No. 2 brings together seven handpicked cask types from four different Spanish bodegas and cooperages to showcase the strength of co-creation and mastery.

Continuing the diverse story of The Macallan's oak casks and their obsession with wood, the focus remains on the commitment introduced with The Macallan Edition No.1, to unlock the workings of the intricate whisky making process. From the provenance of the oak to the expert crafting of the cask, the seasoning and the size, it is these diverse components and, in this instance, the distinct personas of the collaborators, which have ultimately shaped Edition No.2. 

The Macallan Edition No. 2

The Macallan's Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, and the Roca brothers, renowned chefs and brothers, imparted their creative spirits upon Edition No. 2 to bring to life the whisky's dynamic character through carefully handpicked cask types that represent different aspects of each of their personalities:

  • The European oak Tevasa casks selected by Bob Dalgarno define and carry the shape of Edition No.2 with characteristic notes of rich, dried fruit.  This speaks of his ever curious, patient and empathetic character.
  • Closely following are notes of green wood and toffee from the American and European oak Diego Martin casks selected by Joan Roca. These casks bring to life the generous, reflective and passionate nature of this co-creator. 
  • The notes of allspice and ginger are derived from the Jose Miguel Martin European oak casks selected by Josep Roca which denote of his complexity, warmth and maturity. 
  • Finally, notes of citrus and light vanilla combine from the American oak Vasyma butts and puncheons chosen by pastry chef Jordi Roca which reflect the lively and vivacious aspects of his larger than life personality.

"By collaborating with the Roca brothers we have combined our knowledge of whisky making with their creative culinary expertise.  The result - a single malt that challenges expectations," said The Macallan's Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno. "The driving force behind the Edition Series is the freedom we have to explore different and distinctive casks, some that might not typically be used in other Macallan whiskies.  With wood at the very heart of this series, we very much enjoyed the opportunity to delve into each individual cask, discovering the style and the special influence it can impart on the resulting whisky.  The harmony and balance of Edition No.2 reflects not only the hand selected casks but the relationship that we have been developing with Joan, Josep and Jordi over the last few years – it is powerful collaboration and one that I have loved being part of."  

Josep Roca, Sommelier, El Cellar de Can Roca, continues, "Our shared values and passions with The Macallan are taken a step further with our Edition No. 2 collaboration.  Working with Bob to identity casks which reflect each of us personally was truly a unique and magical experience. We are really proud of this partnership and the exceptional whisky created as a result."

With a suggested retail price of $90 per bottle, The Macallan Edition No. 2 is available now at your local fine spirits purveyor. For more information, visit

Tasting Notes

  • Color: A natural color of golden syrup
  • Aroma: The nose leads with treacle, ginger, toffee apples and rich fruits. Layers of vanilla open into tropical fruits and subtle green wood. 
  • Palate: The palate is warm with spice as cracked black pepper and cloves join with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, oak and nuts. Finally, liquorice and brandy snaps come to
  • Finish: The finish is full, slow, warm and wonderfully viscous.        
  • Strength: 48.2% ABV

Friday, December 2, 2016

Kappy’s Blended Whiskey


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jameson® Gives Ten Artists Resources, Access to Established Musicians and National Stage to Further Ambitions

imageNEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2016 --Jameson Irish Whiskey, whose family motto Sine Metu translates to "Without Fear," is applying this same bold spirit to support musicians across the country with the formation of "Jameson Music." The effort will offer musicians who possess a shared passion for pursuing their dreams a national stage to be seen and heard through live performances, music distribution, financial support and access to established musicians.

The first three artists were hand-selected by legendary musician and Grammy Award winner, Gary Clark Jr., and include Los Angeles-based "HONEYHONEY," Austin-based "Eve and the Exiles" and New York City-based "The London Souls." Each artist is chosen based on their musical ability, sound and demonstration that they embody the Sine Metu philosophy through dedication to their music.

"When it comes to creating great music, being fearless and passionate is something I will always live by and cherish in others," said Grammy award-winning guitarist Gary Clark Jr. "I'm truly excited to be partnering with Jameson Music, which gives artists access to a larger megaphone and helps them take a giant leap forward in getting their music out there."

Jameson Music is also partnering with Refuge Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit organization providing sanctuary for the pursuit of creative expression and community engagement, and The Best Fest, a marketing, promotion and production company dedicated to celebrating the legends of rock and roll through all-star live performances. These partnerships offer the participating artists the opportunity to create, record, perform and distribute their music, rent equipment and cover their studio time. Following individual live performances, Jameson Music will support each ambitious musician's original songs as they continue their journey and rise in the music community.

"At Jameson, we know that it takes a unique courage and resiliency for musicians to pursue a musical career- it's that desire to create something amazing to share with your community, with the world," said Paul DiVito, Vice President Jameson Whiskey, Pernod Ricard USA. "Sine Metu is the drive to pursue your passion, and it's within that spirit that we created Jameson Music, to celebrate and support musicians across the US."

For more information about Jameson Music, please visit


JAMESON® Irish Whiskey. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof).  Product of Ireland. ©2016 Imported by John Jameson Important Company, Purchase, NY

Yards Brewing & Philadelphia Distilling Creating Tough Broad Malt Whiskey

From Yards:

We've always wondered what would happen if we tried to distill from one of our base malts. To help us in our experiment, we called on our friends at Philadelphia Distilling. They are leaders in the local craft spirit movement who share the same commitment to quality and community as we do. Plus, it gave us a chance to sample beer and whiskey during "business hours.”

After a few meetings, we settled on a recipe loosely based on
Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale and sent it to our Philadelphia Distilling friends to work their magic. They initially distilled in a small still to fine tune the recipe.

After perfecting it, they ran the final product through a Forsyth’s 1500L copper pot still twice before aging the whiskey in a high charred 53-gallon new American oak barrel. The end result is a 90-proof spirit with beer-like flavors and aromas.

Tough Broad Whiskey Logo

Even though this is a high-quality product and we’re dedicated to our craft, we’re also having fun and not taking things too seriously. Tough Broad is a name that roots us where we live. It’s a tribute to Philly's underdog spirit, its history and character.

Look for hints of caramel, toffee, and vanilla, warm spices like cinnamon, and a little bit of wood on the nose. This is where you'll pick up on the malt character from the beer base. Take a sip and notice those sweet, round malty flavors, a spiciness up front then wood dryness at the end. 

Pre-order now by contacting Pete at Philadelphia Distilling. Call (215) 671-0346 x13 or email

We only have 300 bottles available from this inaugural batch of Tough Broad! Each 375mL bottle is $45 and there is a limit of two bottles per customer, so we strongly encourage you to pre-order.

Join us for the Tough Broad Pick-Up Party on December 15th from 5-7pm at Philadelphia Distilling's new Fishtown location (25 E. Allen St). You'll receive your pre-ordered whiskey and get a sneak peak inside their new digs. Plus you'll get the chance to chat about the collaboration with both companies' founders while sipping on a complimentary Bluecoat Gin cocktail or Yards beer. Win-win-win-win?

You'll also find find Tough Broad at select Philly bars for a limited time. This list will grow, but start with Olde Bar, Village Whiskey, TIME, Urban Farmer, Charlie Was a Sinner, Whetstone, and Wm. Mulherin’s.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143


Monday, November 28, 2016

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon


Friday, November 25, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cask & Crew Rye Whiskey


Monday, November 21, 2016

Widow Jane New York State Grain Bourbon Whiskey


Friday, November 18, 2016 Features Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila

imageWe love featuring the latest spirits to hit the market, and as we feature more and more unique beverages, I find myself being consistently drawn to some of the new and interesting Tequila releases.  With that in mind, we decided to feature a new and unique tequila called Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila.

Soltado is not only an aged tequila, but it is also the first infused tequila we’ve sampled…and as it turns out, Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila is actually the first aged and infused tequila to hit the U.S. market.  This tequila is made using 100% blue Weber agave, it is then aged for 28 months (

6-months shy of

an extra Añejo)

in American white oak, and after the aging is complete, Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila is infused with local organic Serrano chilies and Mexican canela (cinnamon).
Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila gets it’s agave from 80 local agave farmers in the Juanacatlan region that are part of a co-op that makes the tequila.  Because Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila is all-natural, I’m told that each batch actually has subtle variations due to the changes in the hand-selected ingredients and NO sugar or coloring is added.
As always, we decided to sample Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila straight up.  The tequila pours a deep amber color with really inviting roasty/peppery aromas.  The first seep greets you with some spicy cinnamon richness followed by the roasty almost smoky serrano pepper heat.  Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila carries enough natural sweetness that you get some additional caramel notes, but the heat of the peppers quickly builds and dominates.  After a few sips we did start to find more sweetness and cinnamon flavors toward the end, but the aggressive heat still remains (in a good way).  Overall this is a really smooth and pleasant tequila with a very unique combination of flavors.
Next up we decided to make a cocktail with Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila, and we quickly locked in on the Soltado Spicy Blood Mary.  This classic cocktail uses Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila with tomato juice, lemon, horseradish, celery salt, black pepper hot sauce and Worcestershire.  We decided to drop out the hot sauce to allow the tequila’s natural heat shine a bit more.  We really enjoyed what Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila brought to the mix, so much so that we decided to make and enjoy another Soltado Spicy Blood Mary.  Try this cocktail!

imageSoltado Spicy Añejo Tequila is a 4-time Gold award winner including a Double Gold Best Flavored Tequila Of The Year as well as a 97-point rating.  It is available in 750ml bottles for a retail price of about $40, so this is great value for such a nicely aged tequila.  Try Soltado Spicy Añejo Tequila for yourself and be sure to try the Soltado Spicy Blood Mary too (you’ll thank me later).

Royal Challenge - Spirit Whiskey


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Do Good Distillery - The Benevolent Czar


Glenfiddich Announces India Pale Ale Cask Finish

imageFrom Glenfiddich:

Rewriting the Whisky Rulebook: Glenfiddich Launches The Experiment Series

New Range Debuts with India Pale Ale Cask, the First-Ever IPA-Finished Single Malt Scotch.

Glenfiddich, the world's most awarded and best-selling single malt Scotch whisky – announces the U.S. launch of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series, a new range of single malts that combines the brand’s passion for pushing Scotch whisky boundaries and collaborating with trailblazers beyond the world of whisky. Today sees the unveiling of the first release from the series: the Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish, the world’s first single malt Scotch whisky finished in IPA craft beer casks.

Glenfiddich Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, created the Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish in collaboration with a local Speyside craft brewer who shares a passion for innovative flavors. The duo worked together to pioneer a new single malt Scotch whisky imbued with zesty citrus and tangy hops from the oak casks that had previously held a bold Speyside IPA custom brewed for Glenfiddich.

To pioneer a brand new malt, the collaborators first had to design and create a new IPA craft beer that would go into whisky casks, which would later be used to finish the first variant of the Glenfiddich Experimental Series. The intensive experimental process involved creating three separate brews of different strengths and levels of hops. Kinsman seasoned up to nine American oak casks at a time with the IPA brews, varying the time the beer spent imparting character into the oak casks, before filling the casks back up with whisky to assess the flavor profiles.

Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman said: “The Experimental Series builds on Glenfiddich’s long tradition of innovation and takes us to new levels of experimentation in a way no distillery has ever done before. The idea to experiment with single malt and beer was quite unusual but one we were passionate about – we wanted to really play with the flavors to see what we could create. The result is a liquid with a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and a hint of fresh hops. The innovative flavor comes from carefully hand-selecting the right malt whiskies to complement the extra hoppy notes.”

The Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish (MSRP: $69.99 / 750ml) will be available nationally beginning October 2016 at luxury whisky retail stores and premium bars and hotels in the United States. “We’re excited to introduce Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series with the India Pale Ale Cask Finish to the U.S., a market whose whisky consumers are open to exploring new and unusual releases,” says Michael Giardina, U.S. Senior Brand Manager for Glenfiddich.

Created from partnerships and collaborations with like-minded innovators from a wide range of different industries, the Glenfiddich Experimental Series unlocks new whisky possibilities in the true spirit of experimentation. The Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish is the first in the series, which will include a number of unexpected variants over time.

Malt Master Brian Kinsman’s Tasting Insight:

A beautifully delicate balance of ripe green apple, William’s pear and spring blossom. Aromatic hops and fresh herbs complement the characteristic Glenfiddich fruitiness and sweet, vanilla oakiness.

Vibrant with a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and a hint of fresh hops

Long lasting sweetness with subtle green hops


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First Release of Michter's Celebration Sour Mash in Three Years

Michter's 2016 Celebration Sour MashLOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 15, 2016 -- This December 2016, Michter's Distillery will be releasing its Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey for the first time in three years. It is the last Celebration release blended by Willie Pratt before his retirement as Michter's Master Distiller and his transition to Michter's Master Distiller Emeritus.

To make this 2016 Celebration Whiskey, Mr. Pratt selected his very favorite stocks of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Kentucky Straight Rye from Michter's entire inventory and blended portions of them together. The six barrels chosen for blending the 2016 Celebration release range from over a decade to nearly 33 years old. The 2016 release is 116.8 proof (58.4% alcohol by volume)

Michter's 2016 Celebration Sour Mash

Michter's 2016 Celebration Sour Mash

"Our Michter's team takes great pride in every single bottle of whiskey we offer. When we first released Michter's Celebration Sour Mash in 2013, it was our goal to show that an extraordinary American whiskey could rival the very finest spirits produced anywhere in the world. This year, Willie has done just that yet again. With his masterful barrel selection and blending, Willie's sum of the parts is even greater than each of those remarkable parts independently," said Michter's President Joseph J. Magliocco.

Pamela Heilmann, Willie's successor as Michter's Master Distiller, commented, "Blending is an art, and I value the opportunity I've had to work with a virtuoso like Willie. This 2016 Celebration release is an exceptional whiskey."

Offered in the U.S. and select export markets, the 2016 Michter's Celebration Sour Mash release will consist of a total of 258 bottles. It is expected to be offered in the U.S. at a retail price in the vicinity of $5,000 per bottle. 

For further information, please visit

Monday, November 14, 2016

Lifted Spirits - White Whiskey


Friday, November 11, 2016

Almight Spirits - Alcohol Inside


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Johnnie Walker Announces Keep Walking America Campaign, Celebrating Cultural Progress And Diversity In America

imageNEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2016 -- "This Land Is Your Land," the iconic song and rallying cry for American unification penned by Woodie Guthrie, is at the heart of Johnnie Walker's new Keep Walking America campaign. For nearly 200 years, Johnnie Walker has inspired the world with stories of personal progress and Keep Walking America is another powerful collection of stories reflecting the countless achievements, unwavering optimism and tireless progression of the great people who call America home.

Experience the interactive Multimedia News Release here:

The new 360 marketing campaign, which premiered nationally on November 7th with a :60 TV spot created by Anomaly and directed by Chris Sargent of Anonymous Content, celebrates the cultural progress and diversity that represents the fabric of America today. The lyrics of "This Land Is Your Land," read in both English and Spanish, serve as the campaign's anthem. The meaning behind the lyrics powerfully communicate the core message that America has always been and should always remain an inclusive nation, built on values that celebrate and reward people from all colors and creeds. The film was shot over two weeks and features real storylines of progress from Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Montana, New Orleans, Baltimore, New York and Washington DC.

The message of Keep Walking America is supported by a variety of initiatives on a national and global level, each calling for a united, more open-minded society that can be a catalyst for progress and positive change. The brand recently traveled to Brownsville, Texas, a U.S.-Mexico border town, with celebrated actor, director and activist Wilmer Valderrama, to spotlight the rich community of cross-cultural Americans living in proximity to the border and to hear their personal stories of progress. This initiative mirrors recent global work from Colombia, which shared a message of unification during the ongoing peace treaty negotiations, and the brand's Ode to Lesvos storyline, a deeply moving film series that sheds light on a community in Greece that has shown heroism and humanity during the Syrian refugee crisis.

Stephanie Jacoby, Vice President of Johnnie Walker North America stated, "We are extremely honored to continue taking a pioneering role in culture by championing and celebrating progress. Keep Walking America brings to life stories of cultural progress and diversity, and we hope this campaign inspires people to come together for a better future."

This spirit of possibility and commitment to progress will inform all Johnnie Walker brand activity, including cocktail strategy and how we engage with the bar community and those who enjoy our whisky.Flavors of America, a new cocktail program, highlights the stories and cross-cultural backgrounds of the American bartending community. The program will feature modern cocktail recipes inspired by the holidays, traditions and authentic cultural flavors that have influenced the diverse group of bartenders involved in the program. When celebrating life milestones and achievements, Johnnie Walker reminds you to always drink in moderation and secure a designated driver. 

Johnnie Walker is proud to launch this new campaign and will continue to champion powerful stories of personal progress around the world. Please visit to view the new work.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Southern Tier Distilling - PYT Bourbon


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Timber Creek Distillery Releases World's First Bourbon Blending Kit

imageDESTIN, Fla., Nov. 8, 2016 Timber Creek, Florida's fastest growing distillery is launching the whiskey industry's first and only Bourbon Blending Kit. The limited edition gift set features a selection of 100 percent single grain whiskeys and Timber Creek's Bourbon Blending Guide allowing consumers to create their own personal bourbon blend.

Bourbon lovers will have the opportunity to blend their own whiskey using an innovative process pioneered by Timber Creek to create its handcrafted small batch bourbon. Each grain is individually milled, mashed, distilled, barreled and aged to make 100 percent single grain whiskeys. Barrels are hand-picked and the whiskeys blended to create Timber Creek's unique bourbon flavor profile.

"Today's bourbon industry is dominated by a handful of large companies using mass production techniques that don't produce the same individual high-quality bourbon created by craft distilleries," said Camden Ford, President of Timber Creek Distillery.  "As a craft distillery, Timber Creek can experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of innovation unlike large scale operations. Timber Creek is at the forefront of the craft spirits industry and is leading the way by offering new flavor profiles and new whiskey experiences to customers."

Timber Creek's Bourbon Blending Kit is comprised of all single grain whiskeys bottled at 100 proof, including:

  • 750ml bottle of 100% Florida Corn Whiskey
  • 375ml bottle of 100% Florida Wheat Whiskey
  • 375ml bottle of 100% Florida Black Rye Whiskey
  • 375ml bottle of 100% American Single Malt Whiskey

Together, these bottles can be blended together in scores of combinations to create virtually any bourbon flavor profile. The blending kit also provides a graduated mixing beaker, stir rod, and a graduated pipette for precise mixing and blending of the bourbon.

"By leveraging tried and true techniques from the brewing and distilling industries and marrying those with a new approach and process for distilling, we are able to experiment with different flavor profiles and quickly bring distinct products to market while simultaneously focusing on quality," said Aaron Barnes, Timber Creek's Master Distiller. "Timber Creek's objective is to bring big, bold, unique flavors to a new set of customers that want more than the low cost, highly processed generic products for mass markets.  With the Timber Creek Bourbon Blending Kit, we are offering customers the opportunity to blend whiskey the way they want without being limited to what is found on the shelf."

The Timber Creek Bourbon Blending Guide walks consumers through the Timber Creek process, explains how the different grains contribute to the flavor of each bourbon, and shows exactly how to blend the different whiskeys.  Included is also a list of mash bills for many popular Bourbon brands so connoisseurs can easily replicate the recipes for their favorite bourbon.

Timber Creek's Bourbon Blending Kit will be available in limited release, with only 500 being produced. For more information about the distillery and where to find its products visit

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Dalmore - Cigar Malt Reserve