Tuesday, July 26, 2016

JustMalt.com Features El Consuelo Blanco Tequila

A big thank you to everyone at Tequila Spirits for giving me an early opportunity to try their new El Consuelo Blanco TequilaEl Consuelo Blanco Tequila.  I should mention up front that the bottle packaging looks great and it really highlights the blanco tequila.  I especially liked the  wooden head on the cork stopper.  It made me feel right out of the gate that we’re enjoying something special. (see photo below).

For anyone unfamiliar, this Tequila is produced in the village of Atotonilco el Alto, and it is “made the way Tequila is meant to be made…” and by that I mean without any chemicals or additives.  Yes El Consuelo Blanco Tequila uses USDA certified blue weber agaves from the Jalisco region of Mexico….and according to Tequila Spirits the plants are “harvested with a combination of red volcanic earth, caring hands and authentic methods and traditions.”

El Consuelo Blanco Tequila uses proprietary yeast blends and the process is completed using a family-owner distillery and exclusive bottling process.  If you’re getting the idea that El Consuelo Blanco Tequila is different than your average Tequila, you’d be right….and in case you’re wondering, El Consuelo Blanco Tequila is also kosher, gluten free and “produced with social consciousness to support the Mexican farmers and communities in which they live.”

As always we decided to taste El Consuelo Blanco Tequila straight up first.  We think this really brings out the best in spirits and there’s never any doubt about some other ingredient affecting the taste.

El Consuelo Blanco Tequila has some pleasant herbal and slightly floral aromas, and for my uneducated nose, I also though I detected fresh apple.  I found fresh fruit flavors, some subtle herbal flavors and we agreed that we both found a really nice light cucumber flavor in the Tequila.  The finish is sweet and smooth with a slightly boozy ending (this is good).

With the summer heat kicking into a new gear, we couldn’t resist making a classic Tequila cocktail with El Consuelo Blanco Tequila.  I opted for a fresh Watermelon Margarita (watermelon, kosher salt, lime juice…) and of course El Consuelo Blanco Tequila .  To say it tasted great would be an understatement.  I think the El Consuelo Blanco Tequila played nicely with the fresh fruit and it was nicely punctuated by the kosher salt.  We’d both recommend this one if you’re looking for a unique and new Margarita to try.
El Consuelo Tequila  is available in the un-aged Blanco we sampled as well as a Reposado (aged for 6 months) and Anejo (aged for 12-months)….both aged in Cognac barrels.  I should also mention that the team behind El Consuelo  Tequila is also working on an organic Rum, Vodka and Gin as well.

El Consuelo Blanco Tequila is 80 proof and available in 750ml bottles from El Consuelo Blanco Tequila’s website so be sure to check it out for yourself.


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