Wednesday, July 6, 2016 Features Three Meadows Spirits - Peony Vodka

We always love sampling exciting new spirits on, and today we have one I know you’ll want to try.

Coming to us from Dutchess County, New York, todays featured spirit was created by Three Meadows Spirits; and it’s called Peony Vodka.  This vodka is 5-times distilled and infused with an array of botanicals…and no it’s not a simple flavored vodka.  Three Meadows Spirits founder Leslie Farhangi spent a year experimenting befoimagere she settled in on the recipe for this vodka.  Peony Vodka uses Geranium, vanilla, Jasmine, white pepper, Gardenia, Peony and other botanicals, and I think you’ll find the combination really works.

First off I should mention how great the packaging looks.  The bottle is elegant and simple and the packaging really catches your eye.  The front of the bottle features a simple Peony flower, but what’s really cool is if you look through the vodka, the back of the main label features one of three artistic works from the Hudson Valley (see photo below).  The neck label features “words to live by” like “Go barefoot often” and “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

As always we decided to try Peony Vodka chilled and straight up and we found the flavors to be unique and complex.  Peony Vodka is loaded with floral and herbal notes with an almost gin-like feeling and aroma (minus the Juniper berries).  There’s a soft slightly sweet vanilla essence with a dry peppery floral finish that we really liked as well.

We tried Peony Vodka on the rocks and we also really enjoyed how the complexity and floral flavors cut through the ice and made for another unique drinking experience.

For fun we tried one of the Peony Vodka signature cocktails; First  Down, Peony.  It was a little tricky to make with a dried chile, but worth the effort.  This cocktail has a nice balance of sweet honey, acidic lemon juice, spicy pepper and an effervescent punch from the pilsner beer we mixed in.  Believe it or not the herbal character of Peony Vodka does shine through and overall it’s a really nice combination.  Be sure to check out all of the Peony VodkaDelightful Options” signature cocktails and let us know which one you like (we can’t wait to make a simple Bloody Mary.).
Whether you choose to drink it straight up, on the rocks or in a cocktail, you’ll find Peony Vodka a unique and interesting spirit.  The floral and botanical notes make it really unique, and the complexity of the vodka makes it really enjoyable to drink.  Peony Vodka is 70-proof (35%-AbV) and it is packaged in 750ml bottles.


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