Wednesday, October 19, 2016

JustMalt Features Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas

imageWho doesn’t love a good Margarita?  I know I do; but honestly by the time I break out all the ingredients, pull out the ice and of course the blender, I usually end up opting for something else…aka something easier to make.

So what if I told you that you can now enjoy a premium craft Margarita without all the hassle and without even plugging in your blender?  Now I’ll bet I have your attention…so let me introduce you to Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas.

Developed by Duke & Ginny Mahl, these “mixologist-quality” Margaritas are ready-to-go at home or on the go (think parties, vacation, entertaining…) These Margaritas use a proprietary blend of true Blue Agave and natural fruit juices and NO artificial sweeteners so they really are unique and delicious.

Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas are available in five introductory flavors like Classic Lime, Hucklarita, Ruby Redarita, Choclarita and Papayarita and they are even offering a “Margarita of the Month” club to help you try them imageall.

Of course by now you’re wondering how they taste, so off we go.  As always we decided to sample them in the way recommended by the producer and in this case that was to pour the Margarita straight over ice.  Our sample was Classic Lime and it features limes, Blue Agave Silver premium Tequila, natural cane sugar and tripel sec orange liqueur.  As you can imagine by the ingredients list, Classic Lime tastes a LOT like a classic Margarita.  Right out of the bottle Classic Lime was a really nice Margarita with loads of lime & citrus flavors.  To amp it up another level, we also tried Classic Lime in a salt-rimmed glass with crushed ice instead of cubes…and I’ll admit that while I’m no Margarita expert, this version really felt and tasted like a professionally made Margarita.

We also decided to create one of Nightshade Partners signature cocktails, and of course we tried their Copa Verde.   I’ll admit it was a pretty complex cocktail, but everyone we shared it with really loved the blend.

Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas clock in at 15%-ABV so they will sneak up on you…in fact the only downside we found was that there was no mixing-delay between rounds of Margaritas, so be sure to share a bottle with friends and family.  Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas are available now in 750ml bottles and the Classic Lime flavor hits 187-calorie per standard pour…and don’t forget, Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas Classic Lime is also gluten-free (and really delicious).

Be sure to try Nightshade Partners Premium Craft Margaritas in all of the new varieties, or better yet join the “Margarita of the Month” club and try them all.


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