Friday, July 15, 2016

Manhattan Moonshine - A First Sampling

I love sampling new Whiskey……so if you’ve never heard of Manhattan Moonshine, stay tuned…and if you’ve never tasted Manhattan Moonshine you’ll soon want to.

Manhattan Moonshine is a “Super-premium Prohibition-style Northern Moonshine” and if that’s not interesting enough, Manhattan Moonshine has been created to be the world’s “first luxury Un-Aged Whiskey.”  So if you’re thinking the same thing I was when I read “moonshine",” you’re in for a really pleasant surprise.

Right from the start, the art-deco style label and bottle harken back to the days of prohibition and really add to the experience of the prohibition era.  The bottle is beautiful….and don’t let the color fool you.  Because it is not barrel-aged, Manhattan Moonshine pours clear and elegant. 

This Prohibition-style Whiskey uses four noble grains from New York state in a recipe created by Will Kehler & Ian Smiley (author of Making Pure Corn Whiskey: A Professional Guide For Amateur And Micro Distillers)  so the style is a perfect fit.  Add in a unique yeast and over a year spent developing the grain bill and you literally have the recipe for Whiskey success.  Unlike other Moonshines on the market, Manhattan Moonshine does NOT use corn.  Instead they use Oats & Rye and a production method specifically developed to get consistent flavors from the grains.  You can find more details on the process here, but now I’m anxious to sample Manhattan Moonshine.

We always make it a practice to sample our spirits straight up first and then in a cocktail.  Manhattan Moonshine is flavorful and complex with lots of subtle earthy aromas that again belie the color.  If you’re expecting harsh, you will NOT find it.  Manhattan Moonshine does have the heat of 47.5% alcohol, but there is an underlying sweetness that I really liked.  Manhattan Moonshine is very complex and and very drinkable even straight up.

From there we decided to make the signature Manhattan Moonshine Bix Bismark Cocktail.  We had Aperol on hand so this cocktail was just calling out to us.  The balance of Manhattan Moonshine, cranberry and lime really worked nicely together and this is a cocktail I’m sure we’ll revisit.

If that’s not enough, Manhattan Moonshine has a page of signature cocktails for you to try, and I’m sure we’ll do the same.  Thank you to everyone at Manhattan Moonshine for the opportunity to try this Prohibition-style Whiskey.  You can purchase Manhattan Moonshine here and find more info here.


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