Friday, July 15, 2016

JustMalt Features Toast Vodka With Coconut Water

At JustMalt we get to taste a lot of spirits and unique cocktails, and I’m always amazed at the creativity, thought and craftsmanship that go into their creation….bu just when we though we’d seen it all, along comes Toast Vodka With Coconut Water.

Created in Miami, FL by Dieuveny “DJ” Louis, Toast Vodka With Coconut Water attempts to focus on the craftsmanship of the distilling and the unique and carefully selected ingredients.  After a four year process DJ focused in on a corn-based recipe that is distilled 6-times before being blended with unsweetened coconut water.  Toast is non-GMO and gluten free and if you’re thinking this is simply “flavored” vodka, you’re thinking wrong.  The coconut water is unsweetened and natural so it retains all the benefits of coconut waterm while enhancing the flavor of the vodka.

imageWe should first mention how great the packaging looks.  Toast Vodka With Coconut Water comes in a slender white bottle with simple black text.  Of course each bottle of Toast Vodka With Coconut Water comes with an actual toast on the nect and cap (see photo at right).

Because Toast Vodka With Coconut Water was designed to taste on it’s own, we decided to chill the bottle and try it out.  The coconut water was very subtle, perhaps more so because of the cold temperature, but it was still present, especially in the early flavors.  I really liked the flavor contributed by the coconut water and while I’m no vodka expert, I really thought the mouthfeel and flavors of the vodka felt and tasted better that others I’ve tried.  We also allowed one sample or Toast Vodka to come up to room temperature, and the coconut flavors were even more prominent and pleasant.  This really is a good sipping and really unique vodka.

We felt obligated to try Toast Vodka With Coconut Water in a cocktail, and while it was still very good, we felt the flavors and character of Toast Vodka With Coconut Water are so good that it stands better straight up and slightly chilled.  Use your other vodka for cocktails and save Toast Vodka With Coconut Water to sip and savor.

Toast Vodka was named the official vodka of The America’s Cup so it will be served at all Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series events in 2016 as well as the America’s Cup events in Bermuda in May & June of 2017.  For more details or to purchase Toast Vodka you can check out there website.


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