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Early Times - The Hunter’s Edition Kentucky Whiskey

Early Times - Hunter’s Edition Kentucky Whiskey -- 40% ABV, 750 ml.


Cardhu Speyside Single Malt Launches New “Amber Rock” Expression


CARDHU Single Malt Scotch Whisky is adding a new, highly crafted variant to its popular and successful range of Speyside whiskies, Diageo has announced.

CARDHU AMBER ROCK™ has been double matured in toasted American Oak casks, to deliver richer notes of vanilla and spice. Elegant and deeply flavoured, it still retains the impeccable balance and the clean sweet notes that are a hallmark of CARDHU, and are faithful to the tradition of generous single malt whiskies created by the distillery’s remarkable founders, Helen and Elizabeth Cumming.

Official tasting notes announce that “the classic CARDHU notes of citrus and honey are deepened by fruit, spice and sweetness: superbly balanced and well-paced, with consistent intensity and texture and a tasteful mingling of silky tannins and clean, fresh vanilla flavours and aromas.”

Master Blender Dr Matthew Crow, who worked on the new CARDHU AMBER ROCK, said:

“The Bourbon nuances that develop from the second maturation in toasted casks seasoned with Bourbon whiskey add an even greater silkiness and roundness to the already balanced and delicious CARDHU, bringing vanilla and spice notes along with hints of oak. We are very pleased with how this has turned out.”

CARDHU AMBER ROCK joins the CARDHU family of Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, which was recently expanded with the addition of 15 and 18 year old expressions.

Destined mainly for distribution through whisky specialist stores, CARDHU AMBER ROCK will be available in France and the Belgium from spring 2014, and more widely in Western Europe [UK, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece & Netherlands] from late summer onwards. The launch will be supported by in-store publicity, advertising and promotion through digital channels.

“Western Europe remains a major market for our single malts, including CARDHU”, commented Nik Keane, Diageo’s Global Brand Director for Malt Whiskies. “We are excited and confident that this very original new variant will appeal both to existing CARDHU drinkers and to whisky drinkers new to the category or the brand.”

The name “CARDHU” means “black rock” in the Gaelic language; “CARDHU AMBER ROCK” has been chosen as the name for the new CARDHU as a variant on the distillery’s name and to reflect the golden jewel-like colour of the new expression.

The Recommended Retail Price of CARDHU AMBER ROCK in the UK market will be £41.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Exclusive Malts Scotch Malt Whisky - Littlemill 25 Year, Strathmill 23 Year, Glancadam 21 Year, Bladnoch 21 Year, Glen Garioch 20 Year, Glenrothes 17 Year, Linkwood 14 Year

The Exclusive Malts Scotch Malt Whisky - Littlemill 25 Year (51.2%, 750 ml), Strathmill 23 Year (50.1% ABV, 750 ml), Glancadam 21 Year (50.4% ABV, 750 ml), Bladnoch 21 Year (50.1% ABV, 750 ml), Glen Garioch 20 Year (52.4% ABV, 750 ml), Glenrothes 17 Year (54.7% ABV, 750 ml), Linkwood 14 Year (55.8% ABV, 750 ml).


Spring44 Distilling - Weaver’s Spirits Bourbon Whiskey


Spring44 - Weaver’s Spirits Bourbon Whiskey -- 45% ABV, 750 ml.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Widow Jane Wapsie Valley High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Widow Jane Wapsie Valley High Rye Bourbon Whiskey -- 45.5% ABV, 375 ml.


Peaden Brothers - Otahite Reserve Rye Whiskey

Peaden Brothers - Otahite Reserve Rye Whiskey -- 40% ABV, 750 ml.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Headbanger - American Gold Spirit Whiskey

image    image
Headbanger - American Gold Spirit Whiskey -- 40% ABV, 750 ml.


Widow Jane Wapsie Valley Bourbon Whiskey

Widow Jane Wapsie Valley Bourbon Whiskey -- 45.5% ABV, 375 ml.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Ballantine’s Finest Whiskey Tin

Designed by CROWN Aerosols and Speciality Packaging Europe


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIAGEO Launches Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company To Share Rare Spirits


TULLAHOMA, Tenn., Feb. 11, 2014  -- From Tennessee to Kentucky to Ireland, stories of old whiskies forgotten in the back of rickhouses and warehouses drift among distillers the world over.  From lunch breaks to happy hours, their debates over which whiskey would taste best has become the stuff of legend.  To offer resolution and introduce a new line of rare spirits to a growing base of whiskey aficionados, DIAGEO (NYSE: DEO) today announced the official start of the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company. 

The goal of The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company is to locate lost and forgotten barrels of whiskey from around the world and share them with discerning adult fans.  The first two variants to be released from the company will include the 20-year-old Barterhouse Whiskey and the 26-year-aged Old Blowhard Whiskey.  Both brands are expected to begin appearing on select shelves throughout the U.S. in March 2014 under strict allocation due to limited supply. 

Barterhouse Whiskey stocks were discovered in old warehouses at the Stitzel-Weller facility in Louisville, Ky.  Rumor has it warehouse workers have already begun lining up for the first taste of this beautiful whiskey with a soft nose reminiscent of warm spice, biscuit and buttercream.  The whiskey's mellow taste includes notes of roasted grain, charred oak and a brown sugar finish.  Barterhouse Whiskey is bottled in Tullahoma, Tenn. and will be expected to sell for a suggested retail price of$75.

Old Blowhard Whiskey was also found at Stitzel-Weller and is hand bottled in Tullahoma.  At 26-years-old, the whiskey contains exuberant, rich flavors with undertones of smoke and honey followed by a gentle finish – dry and spicy with a hint of orange peel.  Carrying a suggested retail price of $150, Old Blowhard Whiskey is meant to be sipped slowly and best enjoyed among gregarious friends and unyielding debates.

"The whiskey warehouses and rickhouses these spirits come from are special places filled with the incredible smells of seasoned oak, rough textures of weathered wood and amazing tastes of precious liquid," said Ewan Morgan, Master of Whiskey for DIAGEO.  "It's every worker's dream of finding that forgotten barrel of delicious whiskey and sharing it with their friends.  That's exactly what we're doing."

Like the rickhouse and warehouse workers who uncover them and the consumers who drink them, Orphan Barrel Whiskies have distinctive personalities in taste and packaging.  Barterhouse Whiskey packaging nods to the inspiration behind the whiskey's name.  A vintage khaki and brown label features a sly fox front and center after he's made a smooth deal at the local trading post.  Because when there's no money on the table, Barterhouse Whiskey turns give and take into an adventure in provocation and persuasion. 

Based in a beautiful nautical blue, the Old Blowhard Whiskey label features a powerful whale exhaling through its blowhole before launching into another opinionated debate.  Powerful fonts rooted in swagger proclaim the spirit's impressive age statement and status as a Kentucky Bourbon.

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company is headquartered in Tullahoma, Tenn. where the whiskies are bottled and owned and operated by DIAGEO, the world's leading premium drinks company.  DIAGEO continues to invest in the growing whiskey and bourbon categories via the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling company and its existing line of whiskies including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, Bulleit Bourbon, George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, Bushmills and more.

Orphan Barrel whiskies have been waiting years to be uncovered so DIAGEO and the rickhouse workers who guard these rare spirits remind consumers lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle to sip slowly and responsibly.

About The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Project

The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company is an endeavor to rescue long forgotten barrels of rare and delicious whiskey and share them with others.  We are inspired by creativity, delicious whiskey, good times and great stories.  The project is owned and run by DIAGEO.  The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company is headquartered in Tullahoma, Tenn.  However, we like to think the project is founded in dark, quiet corners of rickhouses around the world where artisanal whiskies were forgotten, just waiting to be discovered.

Currently, The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company has released two variants – Barterhouse Whiskey and Old Blowhard Whiskey.  As new and interesting whiskies are discovered, they will be added to the family to provide adult consumers a great selection of rare whiskies.


Maryland’s First Craft Distillery Opens on the Eastern Shore--Lyon Distilling


After successfully navigating small town zoning, lengthy permit processes, and a government shutdown, the Lyon Distilling Company of St. Michaels, MD is proud to be Maryland’s only full production distillery to open in nearly half a century.

Ben Lyon and Jaime Windon, both spirits enthusiasts and young entrepreneurs, wanted to revive Maryland’s illustrious distilling history with handcrafted spirits. “Many distillers bat around the terms ‘craft’, ‘local’, and ‘handmade’ without any actual meaning. For a small distillery, it’s all about quality and integrity, so everything in the bottle we make here, starting with the raw ingredients. To be the only distillery in the state producing spirits in this way is exciting, especially for people who have never seen the process,” said Ben Lyon, co-founder and distiller at Lyon Distilling Company.

Lyon Distilling Company launched with three varieties of rum: white, seasonal, and barrel aged. “Made with a combination of cane sugar and molasses, and distilled with traditional style pot stills, the base spirit has a complexity and body which simply don’t exist in commercially available products,” said co-founder Jaime Windon. “Our rum has already opened eyes about what small batch distilling is all about – from the first sip, there is simply no comparison to what most of our visitors are used to.” In addition to making Maryland’s only known rum, the distillery will also be releasing a series of whiskies and liqueurs in the coming months.

Lyon Distilling Company is open from 12-6 every day for tours, tastings and sales.

The founders of Lyon Distilling Company, Ben Lyon, 31, and Jaime Windon, 33, are both lifelong food and drink enthusiasts, and share a passion for creating sustainable local economic impact. Lyon gained experience as a home brewer and working at a small brewery and distillery after college, while Windon, a professional photographer, also has extensive experience in the bar and restaurant business. For more information, please visit
http://www.facebook.com/lyondistilling, or contact the distillery through liquor(at)lyondistilling(dot)com or (443) 333-9181. For a short behind-the-scenes look at the distillery click here.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Manatawny Still Works J. Potts Whiskey


Manatawny Still Works J. Potts Whiskey -- 47% ABV, 750 ml.


Bozeman Spirits Bobcat Gold Bourbon Whiskey


Bozeman Spirits Bobcat Gold Bourbon Whiskey -- 42% ABV, 750 ml.


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