Wednesday, November 6, 2013

287 Whiskey (Made From Captain Lawrence Freshchester Pale Ale) Available Now

From Captain Lawrence:

“Distilling is 49% cleaning stuff, 49% moving heavy stuff around, 2% drinking beer.”
At the end of the day one summer afternoon (during the above mentioned 2% time) we were enjoying one of the excellent local brews made by Captain Lawrence Brewing. Suddenly our distiller exclaimed, “beer is made from grains, whiskey is made from grains, whiskey mash is also known as beer before it’s distilled… what if we made whiskey from beer made from a brewery?” When we explained the idea to Captain Lawrence Brewery owner Scott Vaccaro, he couldn’t have been more excited and started sending us thousands of gallons of his Freshchester Pale Ale. “287 Whiskey” was born, named after the highway that connects StilltheOne Distillery and Captain Lawrence Brewery. “287 Whiskey” is carefully distilled to capture the nuance of the malted barley and then matured in new oak barrels. It’s floral and malted barley notes blend with caramel and vanilla flavors to create a very unique and delicious whiskey. Try it neat, on the rocks or with a splash of water or have some alongside a Freshchester Pale Ale and bring home new meaning to the term ‘a shot and a beer’.


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